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Post by imagineit on 2009-02-02, 00:02

One of the great challenges and goals in imaging today, across a broad range of technologies, is to extend the range of vision possible for viewers of images. There are attempts in hardware, with noise suppression, dynamic range and increased ISO technologies. There are attempts in optics with enhanced zoom ratios and faster f/stops. There are attempts in software, as with Adobe's extended version expanding human vision beyond it's boundaries into medical and other arenas and presenting those technologies as human viewable data. Then there is HDR. Not only does HDR expand the visual language and possibilities, it also does something much more profound. It challenges and excites the creative and artistic possibilities and spirit of the practitioner.

I have believed for a long time that in our quest to communicate visually, we go from "looking" at something (which is a superficial examination) to a deeper relationship with what we view called "seeing' (that examines the individual components and elements of the scene) until finally we move into the deepest level of connection, a mindset called "creation" which I view as expanding the possibilities and ideas communicated by rearranging or indicating by technique and craft elements within the scene that excite the viewer's imagination to communicate to them something unique about what we "see".

HDR offers exceptional opportunities to create images that excite and communicate with viewers in ways not possible until now.
Why then would anybody NOT want to learn as much about it as possible?
I am here to learn from the experienced and the creatively hungry and the craftspeople to control the creative power of this new language.

I hope you'll tolerate my ignorance and be brutally frank in your assessment of my attempts.


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