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Post by somewhereinusa on 2009-02-06, 08:18

I took this picture 5 exposures,1f increments, this is center exposure.

Opinions please Original-5291
I ran it through Dynamic photo HDR a number of different ways, and while I liked the results, I wanted something a little different. I then took two of the results, layered them in PS and changed the opacity of one layer to end up with the following results.

Opinions please Web-5291-bw-and-soft

Opinions please Web-5291a-and-soft

Does anyone like the results?
If so why one over the other?
Has anyone done anything similar?
Do you think this is something worth pursuing?

Thanks for looking

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Opinions please Empty Re: Opinions please

Post by HDRJunkie on 2009-02-06, 10:11


I like both, not really a favorite. The white balance is a lot different between the two, the first a little too warm, the second a little too cold. Put the white balance eyedropper on the snow, it should be neutral.

I'm not really sure about the composition to begin with. I think you should either show the whole barn, or get closer to bring out some of that great weathered wood detail.

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Opinions please Empty Re: Opinions please

Post by SpiffyPix on 2009-02-06, 11:45

I tend to agree w/ the above comment, Dick. The last photo is my favorite of the three, but I think the angle and comp are throwing me off a bit. Can't wait to see more, tho...

Smile Melanie

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Opinions please Empty Re: Opinions please

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