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Post by somewhereinusa on 2009-02-11, 15:02

While working on a project for a friend, which involved looking through a few thousand pictures and picking some for a calender, I found that a regular old jpg can sometimes be made much nicer with a combination of single image HDR and layers in PS.

Here is a picture I took a few years ago

Found by accident Demo-2270

I made a duplicate layer and ran the DCE tool Dynamix (CS4 plugin) on the layer using the eyecatching option with no other changes. Since I wanted to subdue the background as much as possible I erased it from the HDR layer.You don't even have to be that accurate with the eraser. I then changed the opacity of the HDR layer untill I got what I wanted and flattened the image. This one has an opacity of 46%. Finally I selected just the eye and did a USM on it.

Found by accident Demo-HDR-2270

I probably could have achieved the same result with PS, but to me this seemed much easier and faster.
It doesn't work with everything, but I was pleased with the results of quite a few. Anyone who has done many dogs, especially black faces, can appreciate the problem of getting much detail in the black. I played with erasing the white in the HDR layer to the left of the red collar, but in the end left it.

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