Hey Buddy, Can you spare a dime?

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Hey Buddy, Can you spare a dime? Empty Hey Buddy, Can you spare a dime?

Post by SpiffyPix on 2009-02-26, 21:22

Donations? Why?
Unfortunately, it takes money to run StrictlyHDR.com the right way. 1000 credits cost approx $13 US. It takes the following amount of credits to run the site:

100mb worth of photo storage - 100 credits per month
Elimination of annoying pop-up ads - 100 credits per month
template modification - 500 credits per year
maintenance of our domain name - 1600 credits per year

Benefactors needed

If you'd like to be a benefactor of Strictly HDR, we thank you. Your donation will not be forgotten and will be recorded on our forum as our way of thanking you. Contact us at "support(at)strictlyHDR(dot)com" if you wish to remain anonymous or wish to have the dollar amount anonymous.

I want to donate!

Excellent! If you're interested in donating, follow the link below:

Please Donate Today!

Thanks for your support!


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