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B&W conversion suggestions for PS Empty B&W conversion suggestions for PS

Post by DAVE RHUBERG on 2009-03-12, 22:01

This is a repost from elsewhere on the forum:

I often develop an original, make a copy as another layer, convert that to B&W using Hue&Saturation Adjustment. I'll work that B&W, maybe invert it, desaturate it, run a little Diffuse Glow and reinvert for an Oorton type effect.
Then choose a blend for combining the tone and contrast of the B&W with the color and detail of the original. Usually I'll go Overlay, Multiply, or Luminance. Maybe a combination of all 3 at different opacities with layer copies.
You can also go to LAB color, and adjust the luminance channel. You can load that channel back onto a copy of your original. You could mask it, to get a selective adjustment.
You can open with ACRaw, get your adjustment in the color sliders with the grayscale checkbox. Open as a smart object and you can go back and readjust color from B&W.
Just always make a copy layer to work on, you can go back at any opacity.

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