A multi-tutorial page and a Ghosting Tutorial?

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A multi-tutorial page and a Ghosting Tutorial? Empty A multi-tutorial page and a Ghosting Tutorial?

Post by SpiffyPix on 2009-03-17, 08:24

I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to address ghosting issues in HDR. By 'ghosting' I mean when you take a multi-exposure HDR and people are walking by, they end up being strange blurs. I know there is a process to fix this by using the one exposure that froze the person's movement, but I don't know what it is.

Does anyone know how to handle these issues?


PS: Here's a page with several tutorials from a single artist, Mike Savad. Mike is a member here, but he seems to be a lurker. Smile http://www.photosig.com/go/users/userjournalentries?id=9050

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A multi-tutorial page and a Ghosting Tutorial? Empty Re: A multi-tutorial page and a Ghosting Tutorial?

Post by DAVE RHUBERG on 2009-03-19, 21:05

I prefer to use PS. When making my conversion, I check the 32bit preview page. Each exposure has a checkbox, and if you spot a ghost, you can uncheck to find the ghost.
I may try the conversion minus the offending image, or find another frame (I often shoot redundant frames) to replace if necessary.
Or I might make the image with the ghost intact. I'll save my curves for the image, and reload them on a faux HDR of the optimum exposure in the set. Then use that as a masked layer to paint out the ghost.
Then I can detail enhance in Photomatix or FDR if I like.

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