Strengths and weeknesses of all HDR programs

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Strengths and weeknesses of all HDR programs

Post by kevyo on 2009-03-09, 20:21

I am trying to get a better feeling for the different HDR programs out there and would like to hear everyone's opinions.

So... for each of the specific programs that you have used what do you have to say about the following:

2. dislikes
3. features that you think are essential
4. features that are unique and worthwhile to that program

(Please reference the specific program for the trait you are talking about)


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Re: Strengths and weeknesses of all HDR programs

Post by DAVE RHUBERG on 2009-03-12, 19:08

I think Photoshop CS3 is essential for me, as a starting place and RAW merger. I really like the purist approach more, and the CS3 32bit conversion process has almost everything I want.

Photomatix is excellent also, but needs Photoshop support. I prefer the Detail Enhancer plugin for Photoshop. If I want to have more control over the local operator/detail enhancer, Photomatix is the best for "HDR look". The best "Creationist" for most people.

FDRtools is an excellent alternative to Photomatix, with a less intuitive interface, but more control, at least over what I want to control. More like an old DOS program, but with modern utility.

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